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Ego Death

Ego death is a change in one’s sense of self-control. The practice of ego death as a deliberately sought “mystical experience” in some ways overlaps, but is nevertheless distinct from, traditional teachings concerning enlightenment/”Nirvana” (in Buddhism) or “Moksha” (in Jainism), which might perhaps be better understood as transcendence of the notion that one even has any actual, non-illusory “ego” with which to experience “death” in the first place.

Perhaps the most direct means of accomplishing the mystical experience of ego death is through ingestion of entheogenic drugs such as LSD, salvia divinorum, DXM, ketamine, psilocybin, mescaline, or DMT.

Many other methods, practices, or experiences may also induce this state, including prayer, sleep deprivation, fasting, meditation practice, or through the use of an isolation tank. Less frequently, it might also come about spontaneously or “of its own accord” (as a symptom of certain mental illnesses, or in response to severe trauma).


What is Nirvana?

Its one of my favorite hookas at Cafe Mocha surely. What do we mean by attaining Nirvana? Wanted to understand the meaning when I found this word in the book “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. does it mean salvation? Lemme figure it out.

Wiki says is the state of being free from both suffering and the cycle of rebirth. This is an important concept in Buddhism and Jainism.

Buddha described nirvana as the perfect peace of the state of mind that is free from craving, anger and other afflictive states (kilesa). The subject is at peace with the world, has compassion for all and gives up obsessions and fixations. This peace is achieved when the existing volitional formations are pacified, and the conditions for the production of new ones are eradicated. In Nibbana the root causes of craving and aversion have been extinguished such that one is no longer subject to human suffering (dukkha) or further states of rebirths in samsara.

The concept sounds nice. You dont feel the pain when you score bad marks or get dumped!!! So my next question is “how do you attain Nirvana?”… will figure it out in some other post.

So what’s this blog about?

Another attempt? Well yes. Attempting to figure out another sustainable model (there are some other attempts going on parallel-ly). Well, we have a lot of questions in mind. we read up stuff, we do some research to find answers to these questions. This is an attempt to publish that little 15-20 minute research.
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