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Credit Card VANs

This was the question I was asked on Aadvark. This was the explanation I found on Citi Banks website.

By using Virtual Account Numbers, you get peace of mind knowing that your actual credit card number is never revealed to merchants, so it can’t be stolen from their files. Plus, each number can only be used with a single merchant, so it will be void if someone tries to use it elsewhere.

How does it work?

With this service, you never have to give out your real credit card number when shopping online. Instead, a substitute credit card number is generated to take the place of your real account number. Every purchase you make with Virtual Account Numbers will appear on your card statement, just like any other transaction. It’s the safe way to shop online.

How to use?

Step 1

First, you’ll need to log into your credit card account online. Most credit card companies put their virtual account number option in their “Tools” or “Services” menu.

Step 2

Click on the “Tools” menu and click on the link to “Generate a Virtual Account Number.”

Step 3

Most companies offer two options. Users may download a program that runs from their computers and is stored for later use or they may use the browser option, which runs directly from the credit card website.

Step 4

Choose whichever option suits your needs, then run the program following the instructions on the website. You may need to disable pop-up blockers to see the account number.

Step 5

The next window will display a virtual account number, an expiration date and the CVV (Card Verification Value) for use online. Write this information down.

Step 6

Now go shopping! When you are ready to checkout, enter the virtual card number at checkout instead of your actual account number. Be sure to use the expiration date and CVV assigned to the virtual number.

Step 7
If you are finished with the account number, you can log back into your credit card account and delete it. If not, check the expiration date provided and keep shopping!

Source: eHow



Google labs is one site I frequently visit. On my last visit to google labs. I found this interesting concept Aardvark.

The concept of Aardvark is to figure out answers to questions through people in your network. This is what google has to say about aardvark.

Aardvark discovers the perfect person to answer any question in minutes.

  • Just send Aardvark a question in plain English, like you would to a friend.
  • You will get a personal response in about 5 minutes from someone in your network.

You can use Aardvark on the web at, and through your existing communication channels: IM programs (like Gmail Chat, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger), Twitter, iPhone, and any email program.

  • Travel tips
  • Restaurant & bar recommendations
  • Product reviews/opinions
  • Local services and entertainment suggestions
  • Music, movie, TV, and book recommendations
  • Technology & programming help
  • Business & school research
  • Home/Cooking/Gardening ideas

Whats more, the Aardvark bot can be added to your gtalk and you could ask questions as I


Jack Dorsey

In our  previous posts, we spoke about Reid Hoffmann and Mark Zuckerberg.

This one’s dedicated to the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey (Jack on Twitter). Dorsey is an American software architect and businessperson best known as the creator of Twitter. BusinessWeek called him one of technology’s “best and brightest.” MIT’s Technology Review named him in the TR35, an outstanding innovator under the age of 35.

For those who have still not started Tweeting, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 charactersdisplayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers.

Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group, a concept partially inspired by the SMS group messaging service TXTMob. This is what he had to say:

The working name was just “Status” for a while. It actually didn’t have a name. We were trying to name it, and mobile was a big aspect of the product early on … We liked the SMS aspect, and how you could update from anywhere and receive from anywhere.We wanted to capture that in the name—we wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket. It’s like buzzing all over the world. So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word “twitch,” because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But “twitch” is not a good product name because it doesn’t bring up the right imagery. So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word “twitter,” and it was just perfect. The definition was “a short burst of inconsequential information,” and “chirps from birds.” And that’s exactly what the product was.

The first prototype was an internal service for Odeo employees. By the end of 2007, about 500,000 tweets per quarter were posted. By the end of 2008, 100 million tweets per quarter were posted. By the end of 2009, 2 billion tweets per quarter were posted. In the first quarter of 2010, 4 billion tweets per quarter were posted.



Wonder what were the browsers before the firefox and explorer came in? Mosaic is credited to be the first browser which popularized the world-wide-web. Mosaic is said to have led the internet boom in 1990’s.

Mosaic was invented in NCSA by Marc Andreessen in 1993. Fifteen years after its introduction, the most popular contemporary browsers,Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, retain many of the characteristics of the original Mosaic graphical user interface (GUI) and interactive experience.

Its clean, easily understood user interface, reliability, Windows port and simple installation all contributed to making it the application that opened up the Web to the general public.

It was the first browser to show pages having images in line with text (images opened in new windows before that).

However, the popularity of Mosaic declined after the introduction of Netscape Navigator (incidentally from Andreessen himself).


Orkut Promote

Guess Orkut introduced “Promote” feature on user’s dashboard last month. And as I understood it, I smiled thinking its a nice way to make users more open to the concept of online advertising. Because, if you start promoting, and if you start paying attention to your friends’ promotions, then you might as well look-up other promotions (or advertisements). This FAQ  on google is a proof of the same

Why are there sometimes ads in my promotion box?

Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. You can trash or repromote ads in the same way you can do with your friends’ promotions.

So what’s Orkut Promote about? Well this is what the Orkut Blog has to say


Almost everyday there’s something that I’d like to spread to all of my orkut friends, whether that be a hilarious YouTube video, a new orkut community I just discovered or a quote that happens to fit my mood. That’s why I’m so happy to announce the release of a new orkut feature: ‘promote’.
orkut promote is a free tool that allows you to create announcements and automatically send them to all of your orkut friends with a single click. Promote makes it easy to show text, your original photos from your orkut photo albums and your original YouTube videos to your orkut friends– just give your promotion a catchy title and a short description and you’ll be all set to go.
With this new promote tool, you get:
  • the ability to easily create promotions using text, photos from your orkut albums, and your original YouTube videos
  • built-in ‘spread’ and ‘trash’ features that let you pass on the promotions you like to all of your friends and delete the ones you don’t so that they never show up for you again
  • the ‘my promotions’ tool that shows you how many users have viewed, clicked on, or deleted your promotions, as well as how far they’ve spread
  • the ability to stop or delete a promotion that you’ve created at any time


What does it means for marketeer’s?

Orkut is the largest social networking site in India and has very good presence in latin markets such as Brazil. The main difficulty faced by marketeer’s in exploiting Orkut channel till date was due the lack of viral and sharing features. This promotion tool can thus help to bring brand owners back on Orkut as users or even on communities.

facebook vs orkut

This features also opens up great source of incoming traffic for publishers too as they were solely relying on tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. Publishers and marketeer’s targeting audiences in Emerging markets were desperately looking for such options as Orkut commands a majority share of social networking space in those countries.  This opening up of promotion channel will attract marketeer’s back to Orkut although the benefits are yet to be seen at initial stages.



Mark Zuckerberg

A couple of days back, I had put a post on the Founder of Linkedin, Reid Hoffman

Think people series should also feature the founder of Facebook, one of the most popular social netwo

Mark Zuckerberg

rking site.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American billionaire and entrepreneur best known for co-founding the popular social networking site Facebook. Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook with fellow classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes while attending Harvard. Zuckerberg is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for Facebook. He leads the design of Facebook’s service and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Zuckerberg serves as Facebook’s CEO.

Time Magazine added Zuckerberg as one of The World’s Most Influential People of 2008.

Founding days

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004. The idea for Facebook came from his days at Phillips Exeter Academy which, like most colleges and prep schools, had a long-standing tradition of publishing an annual student directory with headshot photos of all students, faculty and staff known as the “Facebook”. Once at college, Zuckerberg’s Facebook started off as just a “Harvard-thing”, until Zuckerberg then decided to spread Facebook to other schools and enlisted the help of roommate Dustin Moskovitz.

By the beginning of the summer, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz had released Facebook at almost forty-five schools and hundreds of thousands of people were using it.

And that’s Mark Zuckerberg’s profile on Facebook. Read this and this for more.


Wiki Glossary

The Wiki Glossary lists some of the most commonly used terms in Wikipedia. Below are a few of the same.

A stub is an article considered too short to give an adequate introduction to a subject (often one paragraph or less). Stubs are marked with stub templates, a specific type of cleanup template, which add the articles to stub categories sorted by subject matter.

A Wikifairy is a Wikipedian who beautifies wiki entries by organizing messy articles, and adding style, color and graphics. The efforts of WikiFairies are normally welcome, though they do not necessarily create new articles or affect the substantive content of the articles they edit.

If you need to know Wikiquette or the etiquette of working with others on Wikipedia, click here.

Wikiblame is a tool for searching past versions of a particular article for a particular string of text. Usually used to determine who added the string of text.

A Wikipedia Village pump is the section where used to discuss the technical issues, policies, and operations of Wikipedia. It can only be speculated that, like the modern office water cooler, the village pump must have been a gathering place to discuss ideas for the improvement of the locale in which its members dwelled, and hence the name.

Well…the list of terms in Wiki Glossary continues…a really interesting read.

So what’s this blog about?

Another attempt? Well yes. Attempting to figure out another sustainable model (there are some other attempts going on parallel-ly). Well, we have a lot of questions in mind. we read up stuff, we do some research to find answers to these questions. This is an attempt to publish that little 15-20 minute research.
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