Church and Cathederal

Was roaming around in Bangalore sometime back and I was trying to figure out the name of the church. Whcih is when I stumbled on a church and a cathederal almost adjacent to each other, which made me wonder, what is a cathederal and how is it different from Church. From a lay mans point of view, a cathedral is much bigger than church. Lets find out the difference, if one exists.

Wiki Answers says

A church can be of any Christian religion, whether it be non-denomiational, Protosant, Catholic, etc.
A church is basically, no matter the religion, is a general place of worship where sacrements can be proformed and where (atleast in Roman Catholicism) the bread and wine become flesh and blood.
A cathedral, on the other hand is the (usually) the biggest church in the diocese. It is the seat of the bishop of that diocese, and usually in the biggest city or part of that diocese.

So definitely, a Cathedral is bigger than the church and probably holds more powers.

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