Biosocial criminology

Heard somewhere that left-handed individuals are more likely to engage in crime than right-handed ones. Googling led me to this study called biosocial criminology which states the above to be true. Biosocial criminology is a subfield of criminology and sociology. While many sociologists and criminologists focus on the the role of environmental effects as primarily responsible for causing crime, the influence of biology on crime is also often studied. Some more of the theories:

  • People with an underdeveloped left hemisphere of the brain (linked with more linguistic skills and social behaviors) are more likely to engage in crime.
  • Males have evolved so that testosterone will make them more likely to display competing behavior and victimize others than females. More competitive males will be seen by females as more able to provide for the family, and thus more likely to be chosen as mates and so more able to pass their genes to the next generation. Testosterone is a key component of the process, as it tends to shift brain functions from the left to the right hemisphere.

Read more here.

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