Mongoose bat

So what is this Mongoose bat that has become the buzz word in the ongoing third season of IPL?

The basic concept is that in Twenty20, where the need for agression is paramount, you do not need the shoulders/splice area of the bat, which are entirely defensive.

So the blade has been shortened and the handle lengthened, and the meat of the bat is constructed to ensure maximum hitting power.

The Mongoose bat, named after the animal known for its ferocity, is said to be a “ball crusher” and was introduced by the former Australian opening batsman Matthew Hayden who is known for power hitting.

The handle of the Mongoose bat is 43 per cent longer and the blade 33 per cent shorter than the conventional bat. Since there is no splice, the sweet spot is increased by 120 per cent.

For the moment, 100 bats in two categories will be launched in India and all of them would be signed by Hayden, according to Fernandez. They are priced at between Rs. 17,000 and Rs. 23,000.

1 Response to “Mongoose bat”

  1. March 24, 2010 at 7:05 am

    20% more bat-speed and 30% more power… The bat is all sweet-spot and weighs more or less the same as regular ones since the weight has been redistributed to 33% less area…

    Also, it is only good to hit when you are well set as cute cuts past points are no good with this…

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