Most expensive car

Was wondering what is the most expensive car as on date (not that I would buy, but an estimate of how many years I would take to buy that would be fun!) Lets see.

The supercars.org (which I think would have a fairly reasonable estimate) say that Bugatti Veyron would probably be the most expensive car costing a whopping $1,700,000

This is by far the most expensive street legal car available on the market today. It is the fastest accelerating car reaching 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. It claims to be the fastest car with a top speed of 253 mph+.

And some more calculations

So if my salary increases by 15% every year (optimistic!) and I don’t eat, drink or spend for next 22 years (highly impossible!), I can own the car if its still priced the same after 22 years.

Clearly, I need to figure out other ways to own it :P. Suggestions welcome!

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