Musical Instruments

This is the first post of the Musical Instrument series. Here, we would figure out the types of Musical Instruments, how they work? Their usage et. al.

Instruments can majorly be divided into

  • Wind Instruments
  • String Instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Keyboard Instruments

A wind instrument is a musical instrument that contains some type of resonator (usually a tube), in which a column of air is set into vibration by the player blowing into (or over) a mouthpiece set at the end of the resonator.

A reed is a thin strip of material which vibrates to produce a sound on a musical instrument. There are single reeds and double reeds. Single reeds include the flute and the Saxophone. Double reed include the English Horn.

Then there are the free reeds where sound is produced as air flows past a vibrating reed in a frame. Air pressure is typically generated by breath or with a bellows. Like the harmonicas and the accordions.

String Instruments produce sound by vibrating strings. The popular ones include the guitar, sitar and the Veena.

Percussion instruments are any object which produce a sound by being hit with an implement, shaken, rubbed, scraped, or by any other action which sets the object into vibration.

Electronic instruments include electronic Guitar etc.

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