Had heard about Ambigram’s when I read the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The concept, the design and the structural symmetry somehow fascinated me. So here I try digging into the history of the concept.

The earliest known non-natural ambigram dates to 1893 by artist Peter Newell. Although better known for his children’s books and illustrations for Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll, he published two books of invertible illustrations, in which the picture turns into a different image entirely when turned upside down.

The concept however got popular thru Dan Brown’s novel.

Ambigrams have been referred to by other terms, including: ‘vertical palindromes’ (1965) , ‘designatures’ (1979) , and ‘inversions’ (1980)  and by the brand name ‘FlipScript’.

This is one of the possible ambigrams for Siddharth

Find an online ambigram generator here.

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