Impact of a bullet

Was just thinking (thinking destruction) as to how does a bullet kill a person. These are some explanations I found

  • A bullet enters the victim, and then expands on impact and can shatter inside the body, or ricochet off a bone and travelalong the length. Probably, the high speed of the bullet doing the damage here
    Large bullets, and small bullets that travel very fast, such as those from an M-16 rifle, can kill almost instantly, mainly by reducing the region of impact literally to hamburger. They also generate something known as “hydrostatic shock.” The body is composed largely of water and as such may be viewed as a hydraulic system. Liquid being noncompressible, the shock caused by the high-velocity entry of a large projectile is transmitted throughout the body, causing widespread organ damage and disruption of nervous functions. Even a wound to an arm or leg can be fatal in some instances.
  • Aside from shocking the person to death, it can also kill a person by destroying organs (like shutting down lungs). The low-speed ones if aimed well can bring this effect.
  • It can also sever arteries causing internal bleeding and puncture fluid organs leading to poisoning

read this and this for more

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