Technique of Backmasking

The term “Backmasking” has come to mean many types of auditory subliminal messages. The original term meant the reversal of words, whether hidden by music or not, so that only the unconscious mind can perceive it.

Our post on the concept of  Back Masking was one of the most popular posts on One Post Daily.

This post would deal with how back masking actually works.

1. An engineer in a studio places words reversed onto a soundtrack. When we play the music forward, we can hear reverse sound clearly as some kind of gibberish sound along with the instrumentals. When played in reverse we are able to hear the words clearly. Many have done this in their songs.

2. When the music is played even from a live microphone feed, different sentences come out when the music is played reversed, that have meaning. The artist is most likely unaware of it.

3. Sub-band coding technique.

There are several techniques for backmasking Sub-band coding is the process of taking an audio sample and playing it at a low enough frequency that it is not consciously perceived. The sound is hidden when played with another at a high frequency. This enables our brain to perceive the sound, though not consciously. This technique is very widely used, in music we listen to on the radio to theme songs of television shows. It is very common in the marketing world and used for advertising purpose.

4. Beat frequency technique.

Beat frequency is a technique often used by self-help tape manufacturers. It is, in a way, a form of hypnotism. More creatively put, it is when two tones “bounce” off each other, and create one frequency. According to the theory, this puts the listener in a state of heightened perception. This means that anything learned or heard at this time will leave a long-lasting impression.

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