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Guess Orkut introduced “Promote” feature on user’s dashboard last month. And as I understood it, I smiled thinking its a nice way to make users more open to the concept of online advertising. Because, if you start promoting, and if you start paying attention to your friends’ promotions, then you might as well look-up other promotions (or advertisements). This FAQ  on google is a proof of the same

Why are there sometimes ads in my promotion box?

Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. You can trash or repromote ads in the same way you can do with your friends’ promotions.

So what’s Orkut Promote about? Well this is what the Orkut Blog has to say


Almost everyday there’s something that I’d like to spread to all of my orkut friends, whether that be a hilarious YouTube video, a new orkut community I just discovered or a quote that happens to fit my mood. That’s why I’m so happy to announce the release of a new orkut feature: ‘promote’.
orkut promote is a free tool that allows you to create announcements and automatically send them to all of your orkut friends with a single click. Promote makes it easy to show text, your original photos from your orkut photo albums and your original YouTube videos to your orkut friends– just give your promotion a catchy title and a short description and you’ll be all set to go.
With this new promote tool, you get:
  • the ability to easily create promotions using text, photos from your orkut albums, and your original YouTube videos
  • built-in ‘spread’ and ‘trash’ features that let you pass on the promotions you like to all of your friends and delete the ones you don’t so that they never show up for you again
  • the ‘my promotions’ tool that shows you how many users have viewed, clicked on, or deleted your promotions, as well as how far they’ve spread
  • the ability to stop or delete a promotion that you’ve created at any time


What does it means for marketeer’s?

Orkut is the largest social networking site in India and has very good presence in latin markets such as Brazil. The main difficulty faced by marketeer’s in exploiting Orkut channel till date was due the lack of viral and sharing features. This promotion tool can thus help to bring brand owners back on Orkut as users or even on communities.

facebook vs orkut

This features also opens up great source of incoming traffic for publishers too as they were solely relying on tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. Publishers and marketeer’s targeting audiences in Emerging markets were desperately looking for such options as Orkut commands a majority share of social networking space in those countries.  This opening up of promotion channel will attract marketeer’s back to Orkut although the benefits are yet to be seen at initial stages.


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