May you live in interesting times

When I read this sentence, in the first glance, I found it to be a greeting from a well-wisher, but on googling about this, I figured out that its a curse.

According to phrases, the meaning and origin of this phrase is


May you experience much upheaval and trouble in your life. The clear implication being that ‘uninteresting times’, of peace and tranquility, are more life-enhancing.


While purporting to be a blessing, this is in fact a curse. It is widely reported as being of ancient Chinese origin, but is likely to be of recent and western origin, although it seems to be intended to sound Chinese, in the ‘Confucious he say‘ mould.

According to Wiki, it is reported that this curse was the first of three curses of increasing severity, the other two being:

  • May you come to the attention of those in authority (sometimes renderedĀ May the government be aware of you)
  • May you find what you are looking for

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