Lightning, Trees and Rubber Shoes

A couple of days back there was a news that 4 people died near my house when lightning struck them. This incident posed two questions in front of me. If you are more susceptible to lightening when there are trees around and would wearing rubber shoes help?

I know for a fact that the lightning wave that strikes looks for a least resistance path to the ground and metals etc… provide them the path. (Hence the Lightning conductors made in buildings). But why should you be more exposed to the danger of lightening under a tree? and why should rubber shoes not help?

For two simple reasons

  • In a rainy season, trees are wet and so are the saplings and more often than not they may be making contact with your body when you are under a tree… Hence the path is formed
  • Rubber although a bad conductor of electricity, does not stop high currents (10 KAmperes) and hence rubber shoes may not be of that help.

Read up this and this for more.

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