Was going through the review of the movie and downloading its songs when I stumbled across this link where the post said


which made me wonder how Copyscape works…

This is what the website quotes about itself

The free Copyscape service makes it easy to find copies of your content on the Web. Simply type in the address of your web page, and Copyscape does the rest. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

so then I decided to test this site out (that’s the best way to see how things work naa)… So I searched for people who have “similar content” to my blog. And I found that

  • Britannica has “copied” content and not referenced this blog.
  • US govt has “copied” content and not referenced.

Incidentally, I had referenced their content and not the other way round. Probably what this service lacks is that it cannot figure out who has copied whom, or content on which website came first. Am sure the future versions will be able to take care of that.

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