Mohammed Ghori

Mohammed Ghori a.k.a Muḥammad Shahābuddīn Ghorī a.k.a Muḥammad of Ghor was a powerful Sultan of the Ghor dynasty. The Ghorids are Sunni Muslims from Afghanistan. Their territory included whole of Afghanistan and parts of Modern Iran, Pakistan and India.

Ghori was born in 1162 AD. In 1173, at the age of 11, he became the Governor of the Ghazna province. In 1186, he conquered Lahore ending the Ghaznavid empire.

Muhammad Ghori is said to have invaded India seven times. In 1178 A.D he attempted the conquest of Gujarat. He was strongly resisted by Bhimdev II who inflicted a crushing defeat on him. In 1191AD Mohammad Ghori met Prithvi Raj Chauhan in the first battle of Tarain. Mohammad Ghori was severely wounded and outnumbered. He was defeated and left the battlefield. In the very next year in 1192 AD both the armies met again at Tarain. This time Mohammad cleverly defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan. In 1194 AD Mohammad Ghori invaded and defeated and killed the ruler of Kannauj Jaichand and also captured Benares. Gwallior, Gujarat and Ajmer were also occupied by 1197 AD.

The Ghurids were great patrons of Persian culture – language, identity, arts and literature. The most profound effect of Ghorī’s victory was the establishment of Muslim rule in India which would last for centuries and have great impact on life and culture of South Asia for centuries. Muḥammad Ghorī further expressed his intentions of promoting Islam in India.

Mohammad Ghori died in 1206AD.

Read up this and this and this for more on Mohammed Ghori.

Muḥammad Shahābuddīn Ghorī

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