Earthquakes in a day?

Just a couple of days back an earthquake of sygnificant intensity had its epicenter at Andaman. Its effect went up to Jharkhand and Tata Steel had to shut down its plant for a day. Had the epicenter been a more habited place, the end-result and impact would have been much worse.

And I would not have come to know about this till one of my friends buzzed me about the earthquake. So was just wondering, how many such earthquakes happen without notice.

According to a table cited by SERI

Description Magnitude Frequency per year
Great 8.0+ 1
Major 7.0-7.9 18
Large (destructive) 6.0-6.9 120
Moderate (damaging) 5.0-5.9 1,000
Minor (damage slight) 4.0-4.0 6,000
Generally felt 3.0-3.9 49,000
Potentially perceptible 2.0-2.9 300,000
Imperceptible less than 2.0 600,000+

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