Indian Flag

Was traveling today… and a small kid… comes to me selling flags  (ya, independence day is near)… and I noticed the saffron color did not look all that saffronish… it was very yellowish… Usually I am very senti about Independence day, Indian flag, Republic day, national anthem etc… and like to show complete respect… Wanted to give that kid a piece of my mind… to sell an Indian-look-alike flag…

But I thot, i’ll better check things up

The official flag specifications require that the flag be made only of khadi. The following is the color coding.

Scheme HTML CMYK Textile color Pantone
Orange #FF9933 0-50-90-0 Deep Saffron 1495c
White #FFFFFF 0-0-0-0 Dull White 1c
Green #138808 100-0-70-30 India green 362c
Blue #000080 100-98-26-48 Navy blue 2755c

Its rectangular in shape with dimensions in the ratio 2:3.

The Indian flag when hoisted should follow the flag code set by Government of India.


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