The earliest of weddings

Some interesting facts that I found related to the earliest of weddings.

  • The earliest of the wedding dresses were blue and not white. Historical evidence suggest that brides started wearing white as a symbol of purity when Queen Victoria insisted on wearing the colour as she tied the knot with Albert in 1840.
  • Research into 25,000 weddings over 350 years has revealed that the wedding cake was stuffed with meat or minces, more commonly known as the bride’s pie (read more).
  • The white colour of the wedding cakes was not due to the symbolism of the colour white but as a mark of affluence. Previous to the Victorian times, ingredients for icing were difficult to come by and white icing required the finest of sugar. Hence, the more white the cake the more affluent the family appeared.
  • The concept of the wedding ring, as studies suggest, started with the early Egyptians where the earliest of wedding rings were made from the plants growing on the banks of river Nile. The ring symbolized eternity or something that had no beginning or end due to its circular shape and was worn on the ring finger of the left hand the vein from that finger traveled directly from the heart.

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