Why do we Slurp?


–verb (used with object)

1. to ingest (food or drink) with loud sucking noises: He slurped his coffee.

–verb (used without object)

2. to make loud sucking noises while eating or drinking: to slurp when eating soup.

I slurp while drinking tea and sometimes I feel it to be annoying and I need to be very conscious to not slurp. Was just trying to figure out why we slurp?

After going thru innumerable explanations, I understand its more to do with the culture too. The Britons and the Americans don’t appreciate slurping where-as the Indians and the Asians take it as a compliment.

Its more to do with the culture than anything else. Have not been able to find any scientific explanation to why we slurp… However, I leave you with this.

Some interesting facts

  • The Chinese consider Slurp-ing as a sign of appreciation of food.
  • And Japanese too. The louder you slurp, the bigger is the compliment.

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