Tone Dialing / Pulse Dialing

This one might be a little technical…but wanted to find out the fundamental difference between the two different types of dialing in a landline phone.

Pulse dialing, dial pulse, or loop disconnect dialing, also called rotary or decadic dialling in the United Kingdom (because up to 10 pulses are sent), is pulsing in which a direct-current pulse train is produced by interrupting a steady signal according to a fixed or formatted code for each digit and at a standard pulse repetition rate.

Dial pulsing originated with a rotary dial integrated into telephone instruments, for the purpose of signaling. Subsequent applications use electromechanical or electronic circuits to generate dial pulses.

The pulses are generated through the making and breaking of the telephone connection (akin to flicking a light switch on and off); the audible clicks are a side effect of this. As a result, all that is really needed to dial a number with pulse dialing is a switch. Each digit in the number is represented by a different number of rapid clicks. In most countries one click is used for the digit 1, two clicks for 2, and so on, with ten clicks for the digit 0.

Individual digits in a phone number need to be separated with a short pause so as not to bleed into each other and in keypad based pulse dialing digits need to be “buffered” when dialed rapidly. In rotary systems this interdigit interval is provided by the slow rotation of the mechanical dial.

 Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines in the voice-frequency band between telephone handsets and other communications devices and the switching center. Most fixed-line phones now use dual tone multi frequency (DTMF, also called touch tone or tone dialing) rather than pulse dialing, but most telephone equipment retains support for pulse dialing for backward compatibility. Some models of keypad phones have a tone/pulse switch which can be toggled to switch between the two, making these phones usable in areas where DTMF dialing is not accepted.

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