Packaged Drinking Water and Mineral Water

I remember vaguely that there was a time when the companies like aquafina etc… changed their product title from Mineral Water to Packaged (or bottled) drinking water.

Was just trying to figure out the difference between the two.

  • Packaged Natural Mineral Water governed under IS:13428:1998, Amendment 1-5 upto 15th October 2004 and Packaged Drinking Water governed under. IS: 14543:2004
  • If the water is drawn from natural source, confirms to composition listed under IS:13428:1998, Amendment 1-5 upto 15th October 2004 and is bottled WITHOUT ALTERING the composition , falls under Natural Mineral Water.
    In packaged drinking water, any of the processes of filtration / disinfection listed under is:14543:2004 can be utilized, altering the composition of subject water & finally , bottling it.
  • To produce Packaged Drinking Water, you can treat your water chemically and physically. you can filter, aerate or you can do chemical kind of treatment such as ozonation. Ultra violet purification is also applicable. since ozonation and uv methods are applicable this is not called natural mineral water
    In producing Natural mineral water only allowable treatments are filtration, decantation and aeration only. if you do ozone or UV then it is not natural mineral water. you cant transport water to your facility in truck. filling has to be done in source

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