Who invented the Blog?

Blogging has been such an important medium of expression. Who got this wonderful idea of writing a blog? It could well be a product extension of diary writing or writing weekly columns or something like that… Lets figure it out.

Showmeblog says that

Jim Howard is the inventor of blogging.
The first blog is still going and is called Howard’s Notebook and can be found at www.showmeblog.com

According to CNET,

The New York Times Magazine once called Justin Hall, a Web diarist and online gaming expert, the “founding father of personal blogging”

I understand that its difficult to judge who is the father of blogging because multiple attempts were being made simultaneously and that “a blog” does not have a very clear definition.

Yahoo Answers posts this as a possible chronology.

December 1997: Jorn Barger starts a daily log of interesting Web links published in reverse chronological order, calling it Robot Wisdom WebLog. The term “Weblog” is soon generalized by other online publishers to include any page with frequent short posts in reverse chronological order.

1998: Open Diary becomes one of the first online tools to assist users in the publishing of online journals. It would later be followed by other journaling tools, including LiveJournal (1999), DiaryLand (1999), Pitas (1999), Blogger (1999), Xanga (2000), Movable Type (2001) and WordPress (2003).

Spring 1999: Online journal author Peter Merholz takes Jorn Barger’s word “weblog” and splits it into the phrase “We blog.” Blog soon becomes shorthand for weblog.

In 2001, Andrew Sullivan was one of the first big-name bloggers to emerge.

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