Cracking Knuckles?

I have a bad habit of cracking knuckles, back etc… must say it gives a great relief, but have been told several times not to do that. Some say its bad for health, some say it disfigures your fingers et al. Lets figure out what’s the truth…

According to wiki, the exact reason behind why knuckles crack is still unknown. Of all the probable hypothesis, Cavitation is the most popular one. Cavitation within the joint—small cavities of partial vacuum form in the fluid and then rapidly collapse, producing a sharp sound. This explains the popping that can occur in any joint, such as during spinal manipulation.

But is it harmful?

According to John Hopkins Arthritis Center

There is no evidence that cracking knuckles causes any damage such as arthritis in the joints. However, a couple of reports in the medical literature are available associating knuckle cracking with injury of the ligaments surrounding the joint or dislocation of the tendons ( attachments of muscles to bones) which improved with conservative treatment.

Several people have suggested in Wiki Answers that they crack their knuckles habitually and have been doing so for the past 20 years and there’s no side effect.

My verdict is just relax. No harm cracking them. It might just be taken for as an un-polite behavior.


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