What do Tigers eat?

Ok. All this while, I was thinking that Tigers eat grass too and was making some basic calorie calculations… But they are hard-core carnivores.

A look at Tigers Diet and Eating Habits reveals that

a. Tigers can consume 20 to 35 kg (44-77 lb.) of food at one sitting (that’s a LOT); but they usually eat about 15 to 18 kg (33-40 lb.) of food a day, over several days. They don’t seem to mind eating decaying flesh.

b. After meals, tigers cover the remains of the kill with vegetation or debris. This conceals the carcass from scavengers such as vultures and jackals.

c. Tigers mainly rest and drink between meals, but may kill other prey if the opportunity arises.

d. Tigers usually gorge themselves at a kill, and they may not need to eat again for several days. If their food requirements are averaged per day over a year, female tigers need about 5 to 6 kg (11-13 lb.) of food per day and males need about 6 to 7 kg (13-15 lb.) of food per day.

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